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Sruthi Kotlo: Poetry Collection


The death of a star,

mutilated in space,

seethes from the ruins of its own fuel

It convulses into itself

laughing and shuddering,

as the heat clambers out its lungs.

When your palm meets the glass,

the warmth expands to your flesh,

and in this room of people, the heat collects

You watch as they watch you

when you’re off to the side,

and you watch when they don’t watch.

The star is igniting, in medias res,

with the crushing weight

of being uninteresting in an infinite space.

Health Inspection

The health inspector walks. Checking boxes. Down the road.

Checking boxes. Checking boxes.

Down the road.

With silted teeth and thick fingers

Eyes sagging

In the restaurant’s salubrious lighting

Peeking between corners and over ledges

Under stools, behind bodies

Foraging for rot, the avaricious search,

the desire to find,

hidden decay

With his fingers prying, splayed against cabinets

Eyes cerulean, tainted with lightning streaks cutting red

Skin turning insipid from the hours of hunting

One thing

He was told he’d find only one thing foul

in this room.

About the Author:

Sruthi Kotlo is an 18-year-old freshman at Washington University in St. Louis and is studying Data Science and English. She is from the Chicago area and enjoys writing fiction, poetry, and other forms of storytelling.

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