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MG: Poetry Collection

Too Much to Ask

I can fix him, they say.

I can fix her, they say.

Why is it that people always try to fix other people?

Do they look like a broken item to you instead of a living human being?

I love them, they say.

I can change them, they say.

Why is it that people make changing someone sounds so noble?

Do you not see that you sound like you merely couldn't accept them as they are?

I do this for their own good, they say.

I'm only trying to help, they say.

Why is it that people are always so sure that what they do is good just because they have good intentions?

Do you not see that you were merely forcing someone to change against their own will?

Some days I think about whether people can just accept other people as they are.

Letting each other change and grow as they will instead of forcing things to change.

Just because something is imperfect doesn't mean they can't be loved.

Just because something is broken doesn't mean they're not worth loving.

But then again,

that's probably too much to ask.

About the Author:

MG is an author, freelance book cover designer, content creator, and student who loves cats and magical stories. Her poems have been published in more than 30 literary magazines and she is currently working to get her novels out there too!


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