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Our Purpose

The Alcott Youth Magazine is a magazine devoted to sharing the written perspectives of young people. It publishes work on a variety of topics, including current events, young adult life, and women's rights issues.

Our published works are primarily focused on young women from ages thirteen to twenty-two, as we feel it is crucial to provide a platform for their unique and often unheard voices. However, anyone who is interested in sharing their voice is encouraged to submit to the magazine, regardless of age or gender.


Our Director

Kaitlyn Donato is pursuing her A.B. at Princeton University. In her sophomore year of high school, Kaitlyn recognized that there were too few magazines focused on writing for and by young women and decided to create The Alcott Youth Magazine. With the magazine, she hopes to publish inspirational writing for all to enjoy. 

Kaitlyn also oversees an affiliated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Books and Bridges, Inc., dedicated to reading books about women in leadership to elementary students. She hopes to foster a dialogue about women in leadership throughout schools and communities. 

Our Editor-in-Chief

Sophie Kim is a high school student. As the editor-in-chief of The Alcott Youth Magazine, she works to empower young women and elevate their voices by sharing their writing, artwork, and photography. In turn, she hopes that their work will encourage and inspire other teens and young adults in communities across the world. In her free time, you can find Sophie playing tennis and cheering on her high school team. Sophie is also a fellow officer of Books and Bridges, Inc.

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Other Contributors

Karenna Marnik, Director of Outreach

Karenna Marnik is a high school student. Over the past year, Karenna has developed an interest in journalism and has even contributed to her school’s newspaper. Karenna has a passion for sailing, as she has participated in the sport for seven years. She also enjoys a lifestyle filled with exercise and the outdoors, particularly hiking.

Anya L'Esperance, Director of Graphic Design

Anya L'Esperance is a high school student and aspiring graphic designer. She is the creator of The Alcott Youth Magazine's featured logo and many other projects.

Harper Lindsay, General Editor

Harper Lindsay is a high school student. She was elected as vice president of her sophomore class and has a passion for Model UN and cross country. Harper is the founder of Food For Fidos, a nonprofit organization which contributes to the amount of dog food in Boston food banks, to support people caring for their pets throughout difficult times. 

Nidhi Rao, Staff Writer

Nidhi Rao is a high school student. Since childhood, Nidhi has been passionate about gaining new perspectives on political issues, and hopes to inform and inspire others by writing in The Alcott Youth Magazine. Additionally, she is interested in painting, hiking, kayaking, reading, and listening to music.

General Contributors

The Alcott Youth Magazine also has a growing body of general contributors whose work has seen previous publication in the magazine. Our contributors have spanned as far as India, South Korea, Italy, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Slovenia, and other nations. Please submit to the magazine today to be considered for publication. Our most recent general contributors are listed below:

Kisiah Panagako, Ashton Marnik, Katherine Zeng, Mina Dinh, Sherry You, Phebe Mietelski, Sascha Jalinous, Michelle Baum, Leila Chavez, Pranjal Panda, Jazz Ni, Faye Young, Georgia Keeler, Lilli Flores, Tash Lynch, Kenia Garnica-Avila, Michaela Ravanello, Kelsey Delashaw, Ava Marie Trask, Georgina Forns, Rhiana Louw, Melissa Marmotta, Sukhmani Kaur, Olivia Liuson, Eva Rae, Sophie Debenham, Bella Gonzalez, Milena Kogan, Maia Chareonsuphiphat, Shweta Choksi, Sofia Brunetti, Micah Dawanyi, Vandana Verma, Abbie Hearn, Ghalyah Alhendi, Eileen Heisler, DeAnn Heline, Bella Wiehle, Ella Ratliff, Maska Person, Soumya Dhiraj, Matylda Lotka, Jenny Hallal, Ashley Torner, Szilvia Polyak, Haleigh Mulder, Nora Dohn, Alicia Carr, Avery Kelly, Elene Tetoshvili, Lina Svensson, Elizabeth England, Ayla Sanders, Emily Carlson, Gabriela Molina Otaiza, Janae Kelis, Kate Emerson, Alena Solomonova, Charity Yedlicka, Sonya Solntseva, Mikayla Best, Nora Sun, Abigail Schwartz, Alice Ha, Robin Caxon

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