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Lexi Merring: Poetry Collection

Dear Icarus

Tell me you loved

the sun so much that

you gladly burned for it

and that each feather

on your wings fully embraced

the freedom of the wind.

Tell me the waves

thrashed in ways that

just barely mirrored

your fiery spirit

and that you touched

everything you ever dreamed of,

if only for a moment.

Tell me the smell of smoke

only stoked the fire

in your burning heart.

Tell me it was worth it,

falling from the sky

after tasting the sun.

Don’t tell me

that the sun’s jealousy

spread over your wings

like summer wildfire or

that you couldn’t

swim in the ocean, but

that your regrets could.

Don’t tell me

your passions disintegrated

piece by piece,

becoming ash

alongside your wings.

Don’t tell me

your arms reached up,

but you still couldn’t feel the sky or

that your heart got cut on broken dreams

and drowned in the waves.

Don’t tell me

smoke choked you

on the descent,

making you forget

how to fly.

It wasn’t your fault

that the world simply

was not ready

for the fire

in your soul.

The Echo of Immortality

You are graffiti

on the walls

beneath an overpass

and handprints

pressed into

the drying cement

of a sidewalk.

You are

words on bathroom doors

that scream,

I was here,

and initials etched

into peeling tree bark.

I hear you.

You echo.

But you are also

scribbles on a desk

so easily erased

and chalk on driveways

destroyed by light rain.

You are

sunlight before

a thunderstorm

and dandelion seeds

before the wind blows.

You’re permanent, you’re fading.

But I still hear

your echo.

About the Author:

Lexi Merring is an incoming graduate student at Montclair State University where she will be earning an M.A. in English. Her work is forthcoming in The Central Avenue Poetry Prize, and she has been published in Canvas Literary Journal, Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle, and Women Who Write's Goldfinch.


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