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Junseo Lee: Poetry Collection

The Mountain

A pile of papers

Grows in the corner

Like mold on leftover rice

He averts his eyes

Glances at it a few times

Still there

Like a brick in a wall

But he’s busy with reports

And stock exchange prices

So he’d rather not

Do this right now

His favorite song’s playing

He’s drawing cartoons

It’s a little too early

To ruin his mood

But soon he’d signed all his papers

His playlist had played

Meaningful work was 

But a memory

Every financial report, every drawing he drew

Now lay on a mountain

Of papers eschewed

So he began climbing

That mountain

Sweeping it clean

Though he could not see the top

He hoped, at least,

That he would reach it one day.

‘Cause when he did reach that peak

He’d tumble back down

All over again.

About the Author:

Junseo Lee is a dedicated high school student at Seoul International School in Seoul, South Korea. He has a passion for writing and is currently compiling a portfolio to showcase his work for university applications. With an unbridled enthusiasm for the written word, Junseo hopes to continue exploring different styles and techniques to develop his craft.


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