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Helpful Strategies for Academic Success

Whether you love or hate school, returning to full in-person learning will likely pose unique challenges this fall. However, it is important to maintain your academic performance, so everyone should attempt to resume their schoolwork as smoothly as possible. Here are some helpful strategies for a successful academic school year:

  • Establish a Designated Study Space

Everyone should find a peaceful place to complete their studying and homework. To find this space, search for an area that is comfortable, quiet, and far away from your siblings. A reliable study space will always help you endure the most brutal days of schoolwork.

  • Create a Study Schedule

Do you ever feel as if you have spent hours reviewing certain concepts, only to barely retain your knowledge? If so, you should create a new study schedule.

Firstly, ask yourself which study methods are most effective for your personal learning habits. Flashcards are beneficial when reviewing difficult subjects, and resources such as Quizlet allow you to interact with terms and gain better retention of the material.

Next, develop a designated timeframe for each class you need to review. Over the course of the school year, use this schedule to focus on whichever subjects need the most improvement, and keep your studying as engaging as possible.

  • Work with Other Classmates

Although you should never share answers with your classmates, it is important to take advantage of the fact that different people think in different ways. When reviewing certain subjects, ask your friends about their interpretations of the material, and help each other gain a greater understanding of the coursework. Discussing class material aloud can advance your overall comprehension of any subject.

  • Set Small Goals for Yourself

If you ever feel excessive stress over school assignments, you may benefit from setting smaller goals for yourself. In doing so, the larger tasks you need to accomplish become more manageable and less overwhelming. As an added bonus, whenever you achieve these goals, you can give yourself a small reward.

Establishing a strong academic performance is vital for success at any age. Hopefully, these strategies will make you a better student in the upcoming year.

About the Author:

Ashton Marnik is an incoming eighth grade student. Although her favorite activity is dinghy sailing with her friends, Ashton also enjoys gardening, cooking, skiing, and mountaineering.

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