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Audrey Calderone: Poetry Collection

Hop of Faith

there drifts away my life

feeling like a stabbing knife

I don't know where i go

and it hurts ever so

i sit here thinking

as my mind continues leaping

no one sees what's going on

so sometimes i think I'm already gone

and some friends left

floating away on a small raft

while some grew closer

but some are on their own roller coaster

and no one can blame them at all

for life is not always that tall

and one day we will be nothing

will we even ever be a something?

life is short, not enough time

sometimes it feels like a sour lime

and we don't know who's next to die

so we need to take this chance to fly

we are really all one

and we might not all be done

but some people are sitting there

not even knowing where

and no one sees how much they are hurting

so they all just sit there sorting

and what are they really sorting?

they say their life but do they even know?

and i know how it hurts ever so

so lets all just hold on to at least one dream

we can hold it tight with even one small seam

because we can all be strong

even if it feels really wrong

I'm still figuring out the meaning of life

but somehow that feels okay

About the Author:

Audrey is a 14 year old girl from Massachusetts. She loves writing poetry and short stories, and reading Stephen King. She enjoys playing her flute in band, dancing/singing in show choir, acting in theater, and camping on the weekends!


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