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Ali Ashhar: Poetry Collection


Time fleets. From the yards of Nicosia, she made her way to the stars. The sky holds her journey through the timeline. It feels like yesterday when she used to be a highschool pupil. Perhaps, the enclosed space of learning faded when time rippled her across the shores of life. Experience was her sole teacher, prodigy her perennial comrade. She fell in love with vagary melodies and I was infatuated by her tone.

About the Author:

Ali Ashhar is a poet, short story writer and columnist from Jaunpur, India. He is the author of the poetry collection, Mirror of Emotions. Following the release of his book, he was chosen as the Best Debut Author for the year 2021 by The Indian Awaz and was the recipient of a India Prime 100 Authors Award. His works appear in Indian Review, The Raven Review and The Bosphorus Review of Books, among others.


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