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Stephanie Ahn: Poetry Collection

the sky speaks to me

it's in the clouds,

the strength of a mother,

as she blows the breath of life

into her hues of reds and burnt oranges.

like the fluffy cotton candy,

with saccharine sugar stuck between teeth

and hot sticky fingers to accompany.

it's in the rain,

with the healthy weep of the earth.

the smell of petrichor: wet concrete

and the worms that squirm in delight,

the squelch of wet boots,

as an umbrella shields a romantic kiss.

it's in the sea of blue.

the cerulean that wishes for

only bubbly happy days to come,

the pale blue of the boundless.

the reassurance that—

as i tilt my head up

it will be okay.

A Line

he draws a line

a straight, bold design

it’s prim and proper

it’s alright—i sigh

i'm next

but my line isn’t confined

to the prim and proper line

beside me—

mine curves awkwardly, bunches up

just to elongate

in fact, mine;

ripples like water after tossing a pebble in

dashes like the wind that takes you up on the rails of a rollercoaster

twirls like a ballerina with silk ribbons in her hair

sings like the morning owl on a sunny morning


voices yell to Realign

to Redesign

you’ve gone off the rails. where’s your mind?!

just follow the straight line

(for heaven’s sake)


i draw a line

a straight, bold design

it’s prim and proper

it’s alright—i sigh.

Anxiety: A Fickle Thing

It goes a little like this: (it's different every time)

Silence—and then some

tap. tap. tap.

A light drizzle while the clouds yawn,

The grand oak sways with the breeze

tap. tap. tap. tap.

The sky goes grey weeping with its loss,

Whispering words of destruction

My heart

ripped out of my chest by my own hands

When did that happen?

tap. tap. tap. tap. tap.

Bloodied on a platter—continues to thump in tandem

I hide it, will it to shut up

Yellow eyes gleam staring with amusement

The wind howls outside

And then. The fog clears


tap. tap.

About the Author:

Stephanie Ahn is a 16-year-old from the Bay Area who enjoys writing poetry in her free time to cope with the stress of school. In her free time, she loves to listen to music, journal, and play piano.

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