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Skylar Christoffersen: Poetry Collection

The Endless Circle of You

Today a rainbow trout chooses between the silvery pelts of two foxes and a gilded hook

The lesser of two evils

Pink Pink Pink rhododendrons outside

Timespan: 2 lives, 2 weeks, 2 deaths

Love and death are two faces on a nameless man

You make me cry sometimes (not love)

I want to kill you, but (not death)

The nameless man says it’s not your time

to die, so

I put my hands down (not life)

You stand in the same haze of my tears (choosing me or death)

You on the mossy bank

Duck couples on a double date

living and dying, loving and learning–all in the same pond

We love each other (sometimes, we change our minds)

You say:

The value of "I love you" goes down every time


Let us save it in a bank and gain interest on half an 'I love you' more

Is that enough for You

I hated you

I loved you

I love you

In another life we can be the ducks (choosing to fight for life)

You with the shiny green head and me with the freckled brown

In the mouth of a rainbow trout or speared on a gilded hook

About the Author:

Skylar Christoffersen is from San Francisco, California. Her favorite book is The Secret History by Donna Tarth, and in her free time (apart from reading!), she loves playing tennis or piano. She has been previously been honored with two Scholastic Gold Keys and an American Visions Nomination.

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