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Sarah Demeter: Poetry Collection

Brutal Butterflies

Maybe one day

my battered butterflies will leave me

And fly away

But for now, I sit here

Wallowing in my eternal misery

Of which is a mystery

Butterflies inside of me flying around

Disturbing everything

Lonely yet afraid of interactions

As the butterflies will control my every action

And thought

One cannot express my purgatory state

As I regard everyone with much dread

I count you as a lucky one

Privileged not to know my suffering

My struggle is not external

But inside of me

Breaking to pieces

Until I’m shattered

No longer with this world

And it’s everlasting agony

Nobody knows the excruciating torment

I survive every single moment

I walk this oppressed planet

Alone, yet I don’t want to be

Help me, help me

Before I’m truly gone

It’s going to happen soon

You don’t know

The brutal butterflies are powerful creatures

I have one request

Please don’t leave me

To be persecuted alone

About the Author:

Sarah Demeter is a writer and student in the Creative Writing Conservatory at the Orange County School of the Arts. A lover of poetry, Sarah recently participated in the prestigious slam poetry competition, OC Ryse. In her free time, Sarah enjoys playing and snuggling with her two adorable Shih –Tzus.


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