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Misa Hamilton: Poetry Collection

Natural Disasters Of The Teenage Mind

In a perfect world, we’d stay intact as frenzied tsunamis of our turmoil wash over us

We’d stay dry and untouched while a series of teasing tornadoes accumulated by impulsive decisions demolish everything in sight.

Mesmerized by a glimpse of a sun-kissed coastline I see your reflection standing battered and bruised

Stuck in a suit of your own worn-out skin and bones covered in handwriting that is not your own

When you look at me the suit staggers back to the water

Leaving your atrophied flesh that is coated in beaming originality abandoned to defend what is left of you

I imagine It’s trembling at its knees

Hiding in a dim corner of my mind.

But it’s safe, reliable, and stored like a porcelain doll to remember what is left of you

About the Author:

Misa Hamilton grew up in New Jersey, USA, and moved to Canada when she was 9 years old. Currently, she is entering her senior year of high school, with aspirations to attend Columbia University and pursue her bachelor's degree in English Literature.

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