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Meheru Alaspure: Poetry Collection


It lay there 

Broken into pieces 

Like a shattered chandelier 

All of the light drained from its chamber

Crimson red, bathed in blood 

A frighteningly alluring colour 

It lay there motionless 

Almost black with hate


It rested like a raven staring off into the starry night

Begging for a breath 

Begging for life 

But all it was 

A vessel of emotions bottled up 

Suppresed, Compressed 

Till it turned into a deep abyss of nothing 

The frost blue of my veins almost lethal

Looked dead and bloody cold. 

It looked glossy in tears 

Rhythmic beat palpating out of a soft peachy flesh.

A quiet orchestra 

Binding the strings of life 

Syncopating with my blood

It played with my psyche 

And brought hope 

On the coldest days 

And the darkest nights 

When everything felt empty and out of reach 

When all my love was gone 

When my tears choked me till my dry throat felt bloody

Till my arteries tore out of my flesh 

It was still beating 

My little Heart.

About the Author:

Meheru Alaspure is from Pune, India. She is currently studying in grade 9 and is 13 years old. She writes poems as a hobby. Poetry feels like escapism to Meheru. All her feelings, flowing as words, she puts down on paper.

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