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Maintaining Normalcy During the Pandemic

In light of rising health concerns, many of us may experience boredom due to renewed quarantine restrictions. However, it is important to both value our mental health and maintain a sense of normalcy throughout the pandemic. If you have no current plans and are looking for ways to keep yourself busy, entertained, and fulfilled throughout the remainder of this month, read on.

  • Read a book.

The summer is arguably the best time of year to read. With beautiful weather and no daily homework or extracurriculars, there is plenty of time to sit outside and enjoy a good novel. Reading is also a great way to unplug and give your brain a break from screen time.

  • Take a walk or hike.

Getting outside in nature is so important. Connecting with the world can help one feel renewed and refreshed. The morning is an especially great time to take a walk or hike, as it is typically the most peaceful time of day. If you are located in Massachusetts, there are plenty of local treasures nearby that you can visit, including but certainly not limited to the Middlesex Fells Reservation, Horn Pond, Blue Hills, and Wachusett Mountain (a personal favorite!).

  • Make a Pinterest account.

Pinterest is an app that contains thousands upon thousands of photos which can be sorted into collections (called boards) by users. The app is a great creative outlet that allows users to gain inspiration and ideas. There is also amazing artwork on Pinterest for viewing.

  • Cook something new.

Cooking is also a fantastic way to relax and rejuvenate. Bringing a dish together requires focus on the task at hand and is also very interactive and enjoyable. There are so many recipes out there waiting for you to try them. Perhaps one of the meals you try will make it into your weekly dinner rotation!

  • Go through your closet.

Although we may not realize it, some of the clothes in our closet are rarely or never worn. Take a few hours to look through your closet and determine which clothes you want to keep and which you do not. Not only is this a great mindfulness project, but you can also make a difference in others’ lives by choosing to donate old or unused clothing.

  • Redecorate your room.

When redecorating your bedroom, the possibilities are endless. You can choose to go all out and move furniture and change sheets, or you can opt to simply move existing things around to a new location. Either way, it is an opportunity to showcase your personality and self-expression, and make your room feel cozier than before.

  • Visit a college or university.

If you are a high school student, college is just around the corner. If you are bored, at home, and have no plans, make an effort to tour a nearby college that you are interested in attending. Not only can you better assess your interest level, but you will also be able to broaden your horizons and get a feel for the college experience on campus.

  • Build a fort.

Although this one may seem childish, it is a great deal of fun. If you have siblings, work together to build a pillow fort or any other type of fort for that matter at your house. This is especially enjoyable on a rainy day, when you can chill in the fort while eating snacks and watching Netflix on an iPad.

  • Have a wellness day.

Everyone needs a wellness day once and a while. Use the day to take care of your body and mind. Get a workout in, take a shower, give yourself a facial, do your nails, brew some tea, listen to music, or do anything that makes you feel refreshed and whole.

  • Write for The Alcott Youth Magazine!

Writing is a great deal of fun, but is also an important and lifelong skill. If you have a knack for writing, then consider writing for The Alcott Youth Magazine. If you are interested, please contact the magazine through our email,

Maintaining normalcy is important when living throughout this challenging time. Hopefully, these steps will be inspirational for all who desire to have some lighthearted fun.

About the Author:

Karenna Marnik is a rising sophomore student. In June, Karenna was elected as treasurer for her high school class. Over the past year, Karenna has developed an interest in writing and journalism, and even contributed to her school’s newspaper. Karenna has a passion for sailing, as she has participated in the sport for 7 years. She also enjoys a lifestyle filled with exercise and the outdoors, particularly hiking.

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