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Evelyn Castillo: Poetry Collection

Stop The Time

Everyone around Salyn can't wait for the future.

Many can't wait for what it brings.

Salyn can wait.

You see, when she thinks of her future, she sees the death of everything and everyone around her.

With aging comes the end of it all.

Growing up, Salyn always dreamt of what every girl usually wishes for: getting married in a

white dress and having babies.

But, as she grew older and older, she wished for her childhood back.

Oh, how badly she wishes she could stay young forever.

This aging thing scares her.

She isn't ready to leave behind all she knows and get pushed into this abyss of adulthood.

She doesn't understand how others are excited; each year that passes is one more year closer and closer to the end.

How can someone be excited to have their family members vanish one by one?

How can someone be excited to becomes so fragile that a mere fall can cause death?

How can someone be excited to become a slow and decaying body that will one day decide it's time to go?

Just like that, everything will be gone.

How exciting is that!

About the Author:

Evelyn Castillo is a 22-year-old student at California State University, Bakersfield who is on their way to becoming an English teacher. She is a first-generation student who is pushing forward in order to accomplish her dreams and secure herself for her future. During her free time, she enjoys reading and listening to audiobooks, traveling, and spending time with her dog Cooper. This is their first published work. 


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