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Claire You: Poetry Collection

for my dog days.

i woke up one day the sweat on my fingertips turned to water standing alone under the sky, turning the glass around me blue standing up and i can hear cracks around me form a dizzy yet clear sense of anxiety

parched throats that search for anything other than oceans a vast body of sapphire surrounding my body swimming and swimming until it feels like i am drowning the usual memories of summer beach days fade away until i am only left staring into the eyes of loneliness

surprising, summer is supposed to be ice cream trucks and loud laughter mine is filled with pencil scrawls and rapid breaths hot while the ac is running, my own ambivalence and confusion

tomorrow i will wake up, ten days from school i might wake up in the same cold field of glass reflecting my ugly tears that stay frozen in time standing in stagnant water with slow waves brushing against my ankles wondering if it might suddenly knock me down or continue this uneasy melody

but that is the summer’s song its own hum and lullaby with the morning cicadas

lawnmower and tea

dirty sweet smell of freshly cut grass marks summer time sadness fumes of gray gasoline follows the vigoruos hum of the machine eating both weeds and grass until everything is back to normal

dirty sweet dreams i make up in my mind before i fall asleep you count sheeps, while i count ifs guilty pleasure-waves of wants before bitter bile wakes me up telling me to be cautious of my own little expectations its a mix of both odd narcissism and inferiority complexes that slowly becomes a god’s complex without a god

so the dirty sweet months i spend till i leave my beautiful and cruel room i spend hours alone with meeting egos and vices that burn like saccharine hot tea matches summertime tears

About the Author:

Claire You is a hobbyist writer and photographer. She lives in the States and has been published in multiple different magazines as well as been the editor's pick. She enjoys gaining inspiration from the world and scenery around her.


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