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Allison Lee: Poetry Collection

The Dust

I will shut my eyes

feel my sockets push upward

trying to peer up into the brain

or down the depths of my throat.

I will open my eyes.

In those first seconds

black dust shrouds what is before me.

It will swim to my peripheral vision

and quietly reach its dwelling

in the tall savannah grasslands

of my vast, carpeted cerebrum

as I futilely blink

to will the static away.

The hyenas, the badgers

who eat away at my being

chase each other

down the freckled paths of my nerve-endings.

Parallel lines traversing dark landscapes.

The dust transcends my body,

consumes my soul.

About the Author:

Allison Lee is a high school junior from San Diego, California. She is passionate about writing as well as the environment. Outside of school she does fencing and art. She loves music, shopping, and reading.


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